The Greatest Investment Of A Lifetime - Ajahn Brahmali
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The Greatest Investment Of A Lifetime - Ajahn Brahmali

On this episode of Sage Advice we have as our guest, Ajahn Brahmali from Bodhinyana Monastery in Western Australia. Ajahn Brahmali was born in Norway in 1964 and first became interested in Buddhism when travelling to Japan in his 20s. After completing university degrees in finance and engineering he decided that his true calling was the dedicated spiritual life of a bhikkhu - a Buddhist monk. Having heard the teachings of Ajahn Brahm he travelled to Western Australia in 1994 and took higher ordination in 1996.

Ajahn Brahmali is both a dedicated meditator and has a love for the teachings of the Buddha, and he has become widely respected for his work in both translating Buddhist texts, but also explaining the context of Early Buddhism to modern audiences. He has co-authored the book ‘The Authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts’ with Bhikkhu Sujato.

Ajahn Brahmali’s clear and thoughtful talks make the teachings of the Buddha easily accessible to all. And I personally recommend the Early Buddhism Series of teachings that I’ll be linking to in the description below.

Bearing in mind that Ajahn Brahmali has a degree in finance, in this episode he will be sharing his wisdom and experience on what the greatest investment of a lifetime really is.

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