Buddhism vs Psychotherapy | Ayya Jitindriya
Treasure Mountain PodcastDecember 12, 2023
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Buddhism vs Psychotherapy | Ayya Jitindriya

In Western culture over the past century, the growth of interest in psychology and Buddhism have occurred together and have often intersected. Yet they come from quite different views of the world and the nature of the mind. What is the relationship between Buddhism and psychotherapy in the modern world? Where do these two intersect, and where do they diverge? And how can we understand the nature of mind from both points of view?

On this episode of Treasure Mountain Podcast we are privileged to have as our guest Ayya Jitindriya who is currently resident at Viveka Hermitage in southern New South Wales. Ayya Jitindriyā first trained as a monastic in the Theravada Forest Tradition lineage of Ajahn Chah & Ajahn Sumedho for over 16 years from 1988-2004. After leaving the monastic order she gained a Master’s degree in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice with the Karuna Institute in the UK, and continued to teach meditation and retreats on invitation. Returning to live in Australia in 2008, she practiced as a Buddhist psychotherapist and taught meditation, Buddhism and psychotherapy in various capacities. She was the Director of Training for Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists for several years. In early 2018 Jitindriyā re-entered the monastic life at Santi Forest Monastery in the Southern Highlands of NSW and held the role of guiding teacher and Spiritual Director there for a time. In 2021 she helped to set up Viveka Hermitage in Southern NSW where she now resides.


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