Sati Protects The Citta | Ajahn Tate
Forest Path PodcastMay 07, 202300:20:5618.93 MB

Sati Protects The Citta | Ajahn Tate

This episode is a talk given by the Thai forest meditation master Ajahn Tate and is titled “Sati Protects the Citta”. A quick note on translation: in this talk the Pali word “sati” will be used extensively, and this means “mindfulness”; also, the word “citta” is used a lot, and this refers to the “mind” or “heart”. This talk gives instructions on how mindfulness - “sati” - can be used to protect the mind - “citta” - and to ultimately see its true nature.

This teaching was translated by Steven Towler and was made available for free distribution in the publication “Words of the Master” which was published in 2023. You can find links to the original text in the show notes below.

May you all benefit from hearing this gift of dhamma.


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