Establishing the Fundamentals | Ajahn Maha Boowa
Forest Path PodcastDecember 08, 2023
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Establishing the Fundamentals | Ajahn Maha Boowa

This talk is called ‘Establishing the Fundamentals' and is by Thai Forest Meditation master Ajahn Maha Bua Nyanasampanno. This translated talk appeared in the publication Sanditthiko Dhamma which was translated by Steven Towler. Thankfully he made this translation available for free distribution for non-commercial purposes and as such we can present this audio version of the English translation for you on the Forest Path Podcast.

A word of caution before proceeding any further:

  1. This talk contains a large number of untranslated Pali terms. If you don't have a reasonable familiarity with Pali terminology you may find this talk heavy going.
  2. Ajahn Maha Bua was known for his uncompromising style and the depth of his teachings. These teachings are mostly aimed at practicing monks, but will also be of benefit to lay people who have been practicing meditation for some time. People who are new to Buddhist teachings may find these teachings hard to understand or even just plain incomprehensible. If you are fairly new to Buddhist teachings or meditation practice then I recommend you go along to the Ajahn Brahm Podcast, or to the Treasure Mountain Podcast as the teachings there are usually more accessible to a general audience.
  3. If you are an avid fan of deeper Dhamma teachings then please proceed.

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