No Worries (part 1) | Ajahn Liem
Forest Path PodcastMay 26, 2024
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No Worries (part 1) | Ajahn Liem

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This episode is going to be a bit different from other episodes. Firstly it is the first time I’ve narrated teachings by Ajahn Liem, who is the successor to Ajahn Chah as the abbot of Wat Pah Pong in the North-east of Thailand. The main difference stems from the format of these teachings which were given when Ajahn Liem was visiting Australia in 2004. As he can only speak Thai, he would speak for a couple of minutes and then wait as the translator caught up. So the recorded teachings and translations ended up being little packets of dhamma teachings. That’s why they were presented as short teachings under topic headings in the free dhamma book “No Worries”. So in this episode, rather than narrating one long teaching for the whole episode, I have a number of shorter teachings, each starting with the topic. For this reason also, I’ve decided to keep this episode short due to there being so many small teachings within a single episode. If you’d like to give me feedback go to to let me know what you think of this episode.