MN32. The Longer Discourse at Gosigna - Mahāgosiṅga Sutta
The Buddha’s Wisdom PodcastJanuary 06, 2024x
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MN32. The Longer Discourse at Gosigna - Mahāgosiṅga Sutta

This episode is a narration of the 32nd Sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya, The Mahāgosiṅga Sutta, which translates as “the longerer discourse at Gosinga”. In this sutta several senior monks, reveling in the beauty of the night, discuss what kind of practitioner would adorn the park. They take their answers to the Buddha, who praises their answers, but gives his own twist.

This translation of the Mahagosiṅga Sutta is by Bhikkhu Sujato and was sourced from Sutta Central.

If you'd like to understand more about this sutta you could listen to a sutta study class led by Ajahn Brahmali about this sutta.

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