Teachers From Hell | Ajahn Brahm
Ajahn Brahm PodcastMarch 03, 202301:07:0261.36 MB

Teachers From Hell | Ajahn Brahm

The Buddha’s teachings can help you change your attitude and stop suffering. When encountering a problem in life, focus on learning from it, not exterminating the problem. Check your expectations and take on board that everything is a teaching opportunity. Sometimes people try to abuse you in order to upset you, but don’t let them succeed. Just be peaceful and aware of what is happening and you’ll be fine. The Buddha’s teachings on how to deal with pain, discomfort, and difficulties in life remain relevant to today’s world. When confronted with difficulties, remember to do nothing and focus on your mental state.

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This dhamma talk was originally recorded using a low quality MP3 to save on file size on 29th November 2002. It has now been remastered and published by the Everyday Dhamma Network, and will be of interest to his many fans.

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