How to see the beauty of concrete – by Ajahn Brahm
Ajahn Brahm PodcastOctober 09, 202200:55:4851.08 MB

How to see the beauty of concrete – by Ajahn Brahm

Take time for yourself, relax and gain insights from nature. Calm and insight lead to great power and clarity in the mind. Meditation clears the mind and makes it powerful, which allows us to understand questions and difficulties in our life more clearly.  Buddhism is a practical philosophy which offers answers to big questions about existence and happiness, and teaches methods for achieving these things. In order to develop understanding, we need calm. Without insight, we have no understanding about concrete, about pink roof batts, or about life. We need to stop and look at things with care. This is the practice of meditation.

In this dhamma talk Ajahn Brahm shares his personal story about how deep, peaceful meditation caused him to naturally see the beauty in a plain piece of concrete.


This dhamma talk was originally recorded on cassette tape on 7th January 1994. It has now been remastered but the quality is still a bit scratchy. But the content is classic Ajahn Brahm and will be of interest to his many fans.

These talks by Ajahn Brahm have been recorded and made available for free distribution by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. You can support the Buddhist Society of Western Australia by pledging your support via their Patreon page.