MN18. The Honey Cake - Madhupiṇḍikasutta Sutta | The Buddha’s Wisdom Podcast
Everyday Dhamma NetworkJune 03, 202300:17:06

MN18. The Honey Cake - Madhupiṇḍikasutta Sutta | The Buddha’s Wisdom Podcast

This episode is the 18th sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya: the Madhupiṇḍikasutta Sutta which translates as “the honey cake”. In this teaching the Buddha gives a brief explanation about how the view of self underlies a variety of perceptions that lead to conflict, and how by practicing the teaching of the Lord Buddha a person can end all quarrels, arguments and disputes, and arrive at the supreme peace. The bhikkhus then seek out Venerable Kaccāna who draws out the detailed implications of this statement in one of the most insightful passages in the entire canon.

This translation of the Madhupiṇḍikasutta Sutta is by Bhikkhu Sujato and was sourced from Sutta Central (¬es=asterisk&highlight=false&script=latin).

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